Inspiring the beauty is our company’s slogan. We produce and provide high
quality textiles for female garments manufacturers.

Hayazen textile co. ltd., has been contributing as a textile
manufacturer and distributor for female garments
manufacturers in Ichinomiya-city, Aichi-prefecture Japan since
1963.  Inspiring the beauty, our slogan explains our nature
of diligence as well as responsibility toward the business.
We are proud to respond your orders diligently with
our responsibility.

Products Information


fancy tweed

Recommended material

Our recommendations:
Koha: Possum fibre textile
Koha is a type of textile made by possum hair yarn.
Possums are small marsupial animals which inhabit
in Australia and New Zealand.
We import possum yarns for Koha from New Zealand
where possums are considered harmful animals
as they destroy ecosystem in New Zealand.
The possum fibre is hollowed.
This means each fibre provides warmth,
and its textile has lightness. You will feel the textile
is like an air.

Eri silk: eri silk made textile has an ideal elasticity,
and also its softness reminds you of woollen textile.
We are also aiming to contribute our greenly
environment by erisilk manufacturing,
as its production requires low carbon.
We contribute to keep low carbon society
for the future. 

Camdeboo is a type of mohair.
This mohair originally is produced in South Africa.
We recognise camdeboo as the king of mohair,
with its distinctive softness and glaze,
which you cannot find from any other mohair yarns.


Qiviuk yarn is made by muskox’s downy undercoat.
Muskox is a type of cow that inhabits
in the Arctics such as Alaska and Canada.
Qiviuk, muskox’s downy undercoat is
only available during the early springs,
when the season shifts from the winter.
Quviuk is one of the highest quality textiles
we promote.
We promise you will be amazed with the
feelings of qiviuk’s softness and warmth,
as the highest quality as Quviuk is.




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