Phantom Diana Legend

In July 1997, I was surprised when Burberry headquarters in London asked me to immediately send our clothes.
"Once I know the size of Princess Diana, I want to deliver the coat of" Koha "to Kensington Palace a month later."

“I'm glad I joined the Possum Society of Japan,” said Iwata, chairman of Samsung Woolen's Co. Ltd. However, as everyone knows, Princess Diana died in an unexpected accident on August 31 in a tunnel along the Seine in Paris.
Princess Diana's message from Burberry says, "Thank you for the wonderful coat. I will be the honorary chairman of the Possum Society when I return from France and I will wear the coat."
The court, which was returned from Kensington Palace, is now displayed in our exhibition room, lamenting the luck of losing the Lord.

Best wishes to Princess Diana.

What is "Koha"?

The possum material for sale under the "Koha" brand is becoming a hot topic all over the world. Seventeen years under the auspices of the New Zealand government, this material has five main characteristics.
1. The fiber has a hollow structure and is bulky and very light.
2. The fibers are thin, soft, and have a slimy feel.
3. Animal scarcity. (Possum lives only in New Zealand and Australia)
4. The source of raw hair is narrowed down. Moreover, the Japan Possum Association has the principle of "one company in one industry". (Our company is in charge of women's clothing department)
5. To protect New Zealand's nature (forest resources), convert possums that have grown too much into value-added products.

Conservation of the global environment is now the supreme proposition of humanity.
That's right! Your purchase will help save the planet.
“Koha” means “gift” in the Maori language of New Zealand's indigenous people.

Cute stuffed animals made of possum hair




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