Something better. I'm sure you can like it.
It's something you can think of because HAYAZEN has been facing women's clothing for many years.


HAYAZEN, who has been involved in the manufacture and wholesale of clothing, has released a trial-and-error proprietary brand product to boost Ichinomiya's textile industry in the Ichinomiya branding project “IPPIN”, which is handled by the Ichinomiya Chamber of Commerce.

"I want you to feel the goodness of Eri Silk easily"
"I want you to know the potential of Eri Silk"

What are the products that will fulfill both of these goals? As a result of careful consideration, the result is a five-finger sock made from eri silk. Elisilk has natural antibacterial, deodorant, and UV protection effects in addition to temperature and humidity control effects, prevents stuffiness of the foot, and is soft and comfortable to wear. You are sure to experience the goodness of Eri Silk.

Skin socks

Antibacterial / deodorant / Beautiful skin Erisilk 5 finger socks ¥ 1,500 each (excluding tax)
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